About Nanko Emery (AE)
Nanko Emery (AE) is a gray-black man-made abrasive mainly composed of crushed aluminum oxide.
Nanko Abrasives Industry Co., Ltd, founded in 1946. specializers in abrasive materials manufacturing.
Nanko Emery was created through our development and research lab with over 50 years of extensive experience Nanko Emery is highly evaluated for its stable quality world wild.
  1. Nanko Emery is high in hardness, toughness and has function of self-sharpening. It is of high efficiency and excellent durability.
  2. Nanko Emery is virtually impurity-free, thus its clean surface combines well with various binders and maintains long life.
Mesh Number AI203 Si02 Fe203 Ti02 Lg Loss
# 150 83.80 7.79 5.20 3.15 -0.40
# 200 83.10 8.09 5.38 3.24 -0.50
# 250 82.45 8.21 5.67 3.56 -0.55
Suitable for buffing stainless steel and also coated abrasives, direct mixture for sand blast, etc.
Typical data
1) Grain sizes Nanko
Emery grain sizes have been specifies by Nanko, which are different from JIS specification.
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